mercredi 23 avril 2014

Entering studio tomorrow !

Tomorow is THE great day i was preparing for quite a time now.

In fact for 3 days i will enter in studio to record as much as possible the Glass project.

Luckily i did the Palais de Glass some days ago, and to perform all the Glass music in a row really helps to understand his music.

Of course nothing new under the sky. The very first time i heard such a thing, i was still 18.
Gerard Frémy who was my maestro at this time, requested that i read H. Nehaus "Art of Piano". And ... in it Nehaus used to say that to be able to understand well 1 Beethoven sonata, a pianist has to play all the Beethoven Sonatas. I guess .... this is how the "complete" challenge started...

Tonight, nothing special, only piano practice, and make sure everything is just perfect in the way i see it.
Also trying to make some improvement.

I specially think about all those "avant garde" Philip Glass pieces. After all those talk with all the great composers i met this year, all the pieces i had the honor to permiere and perform... my musical vision and understanding changed quite a lot !

And .... while i was doing the Palais de Glass, i was extremely surprised to see that my understanding of all those pieces (Music in 5th, 2 pages, 600 lines ...) changed TOTALLY !

Really far away from the "very flat" rendering you can listen to my youtube page (from the 1st Glass Marathon, in Paris - Collège des Bernardins). At this time i was playing it "like the electric organ" Glass and his Ensemble are using all the time.
You have something flat, somehow nice, but .... well ... i did not got it .....

When i was performing it.... i got a strange idea .... why in earth Glass would link the notes by 2 / 3 & 4 if it was simply to perform them in the very same way (as the Glass Ensemble is doing).
Since i was on piano, i think...... and if ...... if i would do accent at the begining of each link ....
So i did ... it was quite painfull for my muscle stamina but ... ho God .... the "simple" piece got new energy , more power and something harsh .... like those ritual danses ....
And ... public was really into it as well !!!

Anyway this is what we are aiming to record for the forthcoming days (3 complete days) :

Glass Vol #2 : The Metamorphosis
(Metamorphosis + Trilogy Sonata + 2 pages ...)

Glass Vol #3 : The Love
(OST from The Hours + Modern Love Waltz + Music in 5th...)

Glass Vol #4 : The Madness
(Mad Rush + 600 lines)

+ a LaMonte Young album for SubRosa Record

+ 1 piece of Michael Vincent Waller (dedicated to me ^^ )  for the cd : The South Shore  at XI Records

+ 1 piece of Olivier Greif for a  French avant garde music album at LTM Recordings

+ 1 Jaan Rääts Sonata to use for a sampler ......

Quite a busy schedule !!!!!!!! I won't have time to make much jokes or video this time !!!!!

For those who are wondering ..... Yes yes yes the Glass Vol #1 The Opening is now finally complete !
I am really amazed by the Nikolaos Samaltanos job ! It really has NOTHING to compare with the Liszt album i did.
And ... Nikolaos was SO right . We did so well to really take our time to work on the sound to make this 1st volume as great as possible. I am extremely proud of it, and very soon i will handle the final version !
Since Nikolaos is a real maniac, we worked on both the HD Surround mix & on HD Sterero mix !
Both will be different and both are great ! (in term of Equal colors, not for the music of course ! ).

But .... yes there is a but .... Naxos won't be very happy. They requested a 62 to 68 min max for each cd. And ... the Vol #1 is .... +/- 80 minutes .......

The video is also ready ! Exept something really really great on Fall 2014 !!!!!!!!

to finish it well .... a nice picture of my best supporter ! 

lundi 21 avril 2014

Interview on National Radio Ukraine ! With sample from Pärt Lamentate & Rääts Sonata #10

My dear friends.

If you are Arvo Part or/& Jaan Raats fans, a very good new ! 
Today (21.04.2014) at 16:35 Kiev time, an interview of me will be displayed on National Radio Ukraine (first channel).

The very interesting point of it is that you will be able to listen to 2 live broadcast !
Arvo Pärt Lamentate for piano & orchestra (from the 20th Feb 2014 concert in Kiev)
and Jaan Raats Sonata #10 (from the 17th Feb concert still in Kiev ) 

a link :

Wishing you a fantastic listen, and hope you will enjoy my 2 fav Estonian Composers !!

mercredi 2 avril 2014

Palais de Glass : complete program ! And many updates !

My dear friends, let me share with you the newly updated program of the forthcoming "Palais de Glass" ( the World Premiere of GlassWorlds in Palais de Tokyo ) concert this 11th of April. 

As you will see, i choose to display the homages in alphabetical order, with the first letter a "H" . Nothing to do with my name (i am not this much pretentious), but on the other hand, i choose this letter because it follows our dear Glass own name 1st letter.

Another very "funny" thing, is that the very last homage on the list, is also the very first one that i ever received : Kyle Gann 's Going to Bed, when the project was still an ambryo 3 years ago. Also the piece name is just a perfect one to close such an event 

Another very "funny" thing, is that the very last homage on the list, is also the very first one that i ever received : Kyle Gann 's Going to Bed, when the project was still an ambryo 3 years ago. Also the piece name is just a perfect one to close such an event 

Also, i just found out that our great Francophone Piano Website "Piano Bleu" just did a very nice article about the concert : do not hesitate to visit it !

Of course : the official website of the event :      GlassWorlds Link

and a facebook event page as well :  Facebook Event Page

And to conclude it , Yes Yes Yes !!! My official webpage nicolashorvath.Com is updated !!! 
We are also building a new website to go alongside with the release of the Glass Edition @ Naxos - Grand Piano 
but meanwhile to get fresh news , i also finally open a Pro Page on Facebook : Nicolas Page on Facebook 

All the very best , and hope to see you all next Friday in Palais de Tokyo !!!! 

mercredi 19 mars 2014

Kiev Febuary 2014 ... From Valentine to War ........

My dear friends

As you know last feb, i had the honor to be invited at 2 Festivals in Kiev.
Program was huge 1 complete recial , 1 Night of Minimal Piano , a Premiere of Pärt Lamentate for piano & orchestra ...
Success was incredible , and from 3 concerts , i had 6 !
And last recital was the 17th ... in Maydan Square .... some little hours before ....

But little i knew that ....

Some of my Kiev Friends did a little video about everything that was going on at this time , and asked me the permission to use some music from the recital program.

After we were able to locate a recording that made of this recital (my video cam was broken), and unfortunately it was not 'usable" as we could hear the sounds of explosions and weapons fire ..... (i still can't belive i did not hear anything when i performed !!!! i was almost shocked when i listened to the recording !!! To bad it was the best Rääts performance ....)

So we used from my archive older recordings with the very same program (Philip Glass Etudes 1 / 6 / 7 )

here the video : 

When i will have time, i will take time to write about this Kiev experience that really changed my life .... as many students who listened to my story told me that i really have to share it...

mardi 18 mars 2014

Palais de Glass : the world premiere of GlassWorlds in the Palais de Tokyo

My dear friends

I was talking about a "crazy project" that was going on for months.

Now thanks to my terrible efforts to put everything online, i am able to show you all the details in a much nicer way.

This time i added to the Glass Marathon, Homages that more than 90 composers did exclusively for this concert .

Here a link where you can have access to (really) all the details !

and the poster :

samedi 8 février 2014

Night of Minimal Piano #2 : in Kiev ! Ukreanian première of Arvo Pärt Lamentate

My dear friends
Long time no news, i had not been able to keep those pages updated, as i really had no time.
One of the reason was the preparation about forthcoming concerts in Kiev !

Concert 1 : Solo Recital

14th Fébuary (Union of composers Hall) at 7pm

  Dynasty Festival


Philip GLASS
Complete Etudes Book 1 (I to X)
Madrigal n°1 op.65
     Estnische Präludien F# op.80
4 op.124
     Sonata  Nr.10 op.114

Alexander SCRIABIN
Sonata Nr. 9 «Black Mass» op.68
     Vers la Flamme op.72
20 Final Fantasy Preludes


Another big event, and one very dear to me, i will perform the 2nd Night of Minimal Piano, but this time in Kiev !

Concert 2 : Night of Minimal Piano

15th Febuary 11pm to 16th Febuary 8am

House of Architect Hall (

 "Ухо"  Festival


Complete program :
Valentin Silvestrov
Quiet Song n°1: Song Can Tend The Ailing Spirit (Baratynsky)
John Cage
In a Landscape
Andrew Chubb
Motion One  (NP)
Terry Jennings
Winter Sun  (NP)
Winter Tree (NP)
Piano Piece for Christine (NP)
1950 Piece (NP)
Victoria Poleva
Lulaby for ….
Frederic Lagnau
Bagatelle sans modalite (NP)
Wind Mozaics (NP)
Simeon Ten Holt
Canto Ostinato  (NP)
Morteza Shirkoohi 
Arteeman (wp)
Philip Glass
Metamorphosis 1 to 5   
The Olypian - Lighting of the Torch
Trilogy Sonata
2 Pages
Jaan Rääts  :
Prelude n° 4 Op33
Bagatellen n°3,4,8,15,22 op50
Madrigaali n° 1,19, op65
Liis Viira
Nova Vision  (np)
Mihkel Kerem
Piano solo from Nimeta Lood (np)
Prelüüd Nr. 9, 11,12,13,14,15,16    (np)
Arvo Pärt
Für Alina
Variationen zur Gesundung von Arinuschka
Tomasz Kamieniak
 Nuits a Paris op.53  (NP)
Denis Levaillant
une barque sur le Niger
Etude XIV Transe
Arnaud Desvignes
Sur une branche morte
Fabio Mengozzi
Reverie IV (NP)
Segreta luce (NP)
Julius Eastman
Piano 2 I/II/III   (NP)
Jeroen van Veen
Minimal Préludes 15 , 17 , 18 , 21 , 23 & 26  (NP)
Antonio Correa
Surface 1   (NP)
5 Shorts pieces  (NP)
Day 5 (NP)
Regis Campo
Mysterium Simplicitatis  (NP)
Alvin Curran
Inner City n°1 & 2   (NP)
For Cornelius  (NP)
John Psathas 
Sleeper   (np)
Eve Beglarian
Night Psalm   (np)
Denis Johnson
November  (NP)
John Luther Adams
Nunataks (NP)
Jean Catoire
Sonate n°19 Opus 520  (wp)
William Susman
Quiet Rhythms Book I: Prologue 3 / 4 /5 / 6  Prologue + Action 7 / 8  (NP)
Michael Jon Fink
5 piano pieces  (NP)
Svyatoslav Lunyov
Mardongs 1 - Anonim XIV
Carlos Peron Cano
Yoga Music (WP)
David Toub
 For Four   (np)
Svitlana Azarova
Lawrence Ball
Piano Suite n°8  (wp)
Terry Riley
 Keyboard Study #1
Melaine Dalibert
Variations  (wp)
Cortège    (wp)
Gruppetto   (wp)
Ballade   (wp)
Morton Feldman
Nature Piece
Douwe Eisenga
Simon Song 1   (NP)
Kyle Gann
Going to bed  (NP)
LaMonte Young
X for Henry Flynt   (NP) 
And at the closure at my Kiev stay, i will end up in the most wonderful way possible :

19th - orchestra concert (National Academy Hall)

Arvo PÄRT  : Lamentate (national premiere)

National chamber orchestra "Kiev Soloists"

i don't have the poster yet, but i will update everything once i get it !
Also a last thing, i want to deeply thank Maryana Yaremchyshyna who will be my page turner for all concerts. She did the most wonderful job last time (and was able to stay for the whole Philip Glass Marathon, i still can't belive it !)
I really hope to meet you at those concerts !!!

dimanche 12 janvier 2014

Satie Vexations 3 in Monaco: the 24 hours non stop performance !

here the complete performance in a time-lapse video 

Still part of the Vexations4Japan tour i organised, the Monaco performance was also the very first time that i did a "long" version. By long version i mean more than 20 hours in a row. Well .... to be honest i did it only twice, 24 hours in Monaco and 35 hours at the Palais de Tokyo. 

The idea to do a 24 hours version did not came from me. As you start to know me, you might have understood that i am pretty talkative, and in real life, i am even more. 
When i was talking to Mr Boéri, the owner of the visionary galery "Entrepot" in Monaco, about the Vexations project, and explained him what it was. 
With Mr Boéri we shared one point: to do avant-garde event in Monaco, and he was very interested in the fact that the piece "could" be 24 hours long. 
So with a funny face, he look at me and said: "yes, yes, very interesting, let's do this 24 hours version!" 

Luckily i did not start with the Monaco one, and i had the 2 previous other concerts to warm me up. 

I wanted to push the experience further than a concert, and since we were in a Galery with no windows, i wanted that the scores will be all around the public. Unfortunately the idea was not really possible (but i still keep it in my mind and hope to do it one day). 
And for the very first time, i insisted to display the public all around the piano, an idea that i will use many time after

But on the other hand, i had this interesting idea: 
Since many scores were needed (840 to be precise), i wanted to make like an "inspirational" circle 

Everytime i eneded the performance of one page, i let it on the floor 

On the other hand, I met one of my painting soulmate : Andrea Clanetti Santarossa

He was using some scores, and doing paintings with it ! 

3 Paintings were made, and the public was able to win it. All the money will could get went directly to help the japan refugees. 

Sometime Andrea could not stand it, and had to rest : 

A very important point : once again, all the concert was displayed on internet. With it we got a huge succes as there was more than 2000 connections per hour ! 

The promo was very nice, and you can find everywhere related to that here at this link : promo 

Now for the music : 

My preparation was one of the most intense one:
No food and no drink for 3 full days prior to the concert. If the first day was very ok, the 2 other days, and specially the last one, i was more like a zombi. No food is ok, when you pass 20 hours, your appetite is reducing a lot. But on the other hand .... no drink is hard , as your body will do all its best to get some water, and .... taking a shower can be difficult as you can find yourself drinking by accident!

Past 48 hours, you start not to know if you are day dreaming or not. I still remember how much i was weak before starting the Vexations.
I took a lot of time to go to the Galery, and .... i did well since there was a trafic jam ....

As everytime, Mr Boéri wanted the concert to happen in the best conditions possible.
After the Perpignan performance, i had a long list of wanted food and drink. And .... i was surprised to see that everything i wanted was there !!!
But it is not as good as you think, since you really eating too much that you should, and after ... you really have problems ! And you know .... no stop !

The very good point of those version, is that it allways starts well.
You know you have to play slowly, because you have SO MUCH time !
Also i did not do the same mistake as Prague, and i did not see strange movies before. And the galery was full of light.

Also for the very first time, i performed the famous repeat that few are doing. You might have heard about the theory that, thanks to the Salabert edition, we are not able to understand the meaning of the last repeat sign, because it is a little different that the normal sign Satie allways use.
Well...... to prepare this concert, i was very happy to have receive a Facsimile in color of the manuscript, and saw that .... the last sign is a normal one, but simpy the black & white copy ruined everything.

So for the ones that do not understand quite well, the Vexations that i performed has this scheme :
Variation 1
Variation 2 (who is, in fact the Variation 1 upside down)
Theme  (this was on this last repeat that the Salabert 1st edition is not clear at all ! and it is true that ... performing it makes the Vexations longer of 20% and .... muliplied by 840, it is quite important)

I still remember that, everytime someone came to see the concert, there was a kind of ringtone, and Mr Boéri took his time to explain the piece.
When i was performing, i was not very at ease with all this noise around, but unfortunately the Monaco public, is not the kind of public that will do silence meditation.

Time to time i was joking with Andrea, and also i was looking slowly by slowly how his painting were evolving.
Public was coming in a regular basis. There was public from all over the world, i received supporting message from USA and Japan, I was simply flying over the notes.
Also on those message, i remember that i received many various questions about the Vexations, the performance, and on me.

Mostly we can say that it was done in the famous "Musique d'ameublement" way, as i can read sometime over the internet. That means, a music that is done only to "color" the everyday life. Today we would say, music for elevator or Muzark (as i read in "Ocean of time" a book about Ambient Music).

But ...
That was ....
before 1 am !

First of all, i learnt a terrible truth : doing the Vexations in a normal way is really a mistake : i mean .... Don't do like i did for the first 7 Vexations !!! With the time you forget about the bad and remember only the good !!! Do not use a "normal" piano bench !!!!!! Never !!!!!!!
I know, it is cool, it looks great and pro, but ........ after 8 hours your back really ... Hurts !!!!!!!!! it hurts a lot !!!!!
This time i had no more pains with my hands and arms, but on the other hand ...... i had so many back pain .... my muscles were all tenses like rocks !

Passing this time .... everything changed. Public stopped to come, and only me, Andrea, Mr Boeri and his assistant stayed there ....

This time the "helish" moment arrived at night .... everybody was sleeping, and .... i was alone ......

Also i had no more message from internet as .... everybody was sleeping and so... not able to tell me ...

I tried to wake me up, using the spring water sprays, eating dry ginger , but that was hard.
It went along like that for 3 hours and ... at 4 am... pure despair !

And of course, slowly by slowly you enter into this "vexations" world, the despair of the music, each note sounding like a dagger into Satie's heart.

At 6 am, the other started to wake up. More joyfull, and could not belive that .... i was still holding on !

I still remember the frustration ........

They had fun upstairs, enjoying a wonderful breakfirst ! while i was there .... no i was not starving as i could get anything i wanted (i still remember the extreme kindness of Mr Boéri allways asking me if everything was ok ).
I could smell the coffee ..... the croissant ...... the laugh .....
and .......
i was still front of the piano .....

7 am : the audience came back, and also in the very same way i could heard more internet questions.

I had some massages for my back, i received some roses, and like everytime, more people came, they could enjoy nice food ( i ask some for me ). But it was very relaxed. Psychologicaly i was far away from this terrible moment of the night, the famous 'despair' moment !

But again, with the time running, it was once again very difficult to finish, and once again i really did not want to stop.

here a video with the last 10 Vexations

Again you experience this feeling ....
the one you don't want to have ...
like a farewell ...
You hug and hug and hug this very person who is so important to you
Your plane has to go
and ... you don't know when you will be able to see this person again
"very soon" you both say
you promise the world
but inside you ... you know the truth, that ... it will take time
much later, really later for sure
a lot of time ....

For the first time i started to really understand the music. And this is the keystone of this Monaco performance

Exatly like the wonderful Bill Viola video, if you have a quiet and meditating ambience, it works wonderfully, and ... for Vexations it is the same !
I still remember an internet folower that was complaining. This wonderful person folowed both the Perpignan & the Monaco, and was always asking for more silence, and .... i must confess that he was right !

No, no, no ! Musique d'ameublement was composed long after the Vexations, and on the opposite of what you can read, Vexations is not a joke at all. It might even be the most serious piece Satie ever composed.
So, if you really want to be into this piece, you have to do it in a meditating way. And even, i would recommand to put some long chair for the public. As i saw with the other Vexations, sleeping with it, is a fantastic journey.

There is also another think that i understood. Thanks to the addition of this 3rd theme repeat, i really feel that it was not a "long and never ending" piece, but on the other hand .... 840 pieces !
 Yes, you got my point,
This is why Vexations is in plurial form (in French : 1 Vexation, 2 Vexations etc etc),
 and my discovery is :
 in fact when you are really into this music,
 you understand that the real title should be "840 Vexations".

And with the lengh it is doing a "human journey" :

It starts with the wired, a meaningless song, turning around itself (Scriabine would describle this psychological status as "Affanato"or anguished ). The Variations are doing exactly the same, and are flipping one into another like concentric circles.
And exactly like "Love" , you will experience with the Vexations the same evolutions of feeling :
Non understanding / Frustration (another french word for vexation)
and Forgivness going to a farewell

Then ... the simple frustration goes to pure love and forgivness thanks to a kind of "way of the Cross" (needless to remind you that Satie at this time was really into some kind of Christian-Gnostic sects)

After it, we had champagne, fun and food.

I was not tired at all. Exausted for sure. There was a pretty long question & answers from the audience, and also the internet audience. I guess it lasted 30 minutes
I rally don't remember the questions... but i guess i mostly said the very same things as i wrote there.
And surely the very same question : "do you really don't stop to go to the bathroom?" Yes, of course !! otherwise it won't be a non-stop performance !

A last image with all the team :

from left to right : Andréa Clanetti , Daniel Boéri and me

You will laugh with this very last details :

When i came back, i did not "fall in the bed" right away. I guess i was too much "high" with all the vitamins & redbull i took !
On the other hand, i took a shower and ...... ho God ..... i still remember THIS pain !!!
My back was hurting SO badly !!!!!!!!
I felt that all my back muscles, under the effect of the hot water, were like knives !!!!

Next Vexations step : the one in Rennes !

Also before i forget, this is an article on the "New Yorker" about my Satie performances :)